Housing Associations

If you are a Housing Association interested in improving the health and wellbeing of your residents please do get in touch. We are starting to work with Housing Associations across Devon to reduce smoking prevalence amongst their communities.

One particularly effective action housing associations can take is to introduce Smokefree tenancy agreements.

There are many of benefits to going Smokefree:

  • Reduced risk of fire
  • Smoking increases cleaning and redecoration costs
  • Demand for Smokefree homes is increasing
  • Home insurance is more costly for a smoker
  • Second hand smoke is a significant health risk for adults and children who do not smoke
  • Toxins from cigarettes remain in materials for a significant amount of time after the cigarette is finished
  • Reduced exposure of smoking behaviour to children, who are much more likely to take up smoking as an adult if they have been exposed to the behaviour as a child
  • Non-smokers no longer have to tolerate smoke entering their homes from their neighbours
  • Healthier tenants overall
  • May increase motivation for smokers to quit
  • Reduced smoking prevalence across Devon

If you would like to discuss what actions you can take to reduce smoking in your residents, please contact Ruby Entwistle at ruby.entwistle@devon.gov.uk