Smokefree NHS Sites Task and Finish Group

A task and finish group has formed to look at implementing successful smokefree grounds policies at NHS trust sites.  This group hopes to explore whether we can add value by sharing successes and tackling challenges together.

This group have recognised the importance of broad approaches to tobacco dependence within organisations for smokefree site policies to be successful.  This broader approach includes:

  • Providing leadership within the trust
  • Planning communications to encourage a cultural change within the organisation, and ensure widespread knowledge, acceptance of and compliance with smokefree policy. This should involve providing information before planned use of secondary care for both patients and their visitors or carers.
  • Identifying people who smoke and offering referral to tobacco dependence treatment services
  • Providing training for staff in identifying, advising and treating tobacco dependence
  • Creating a fully smokefree grounds policy, including ensuring there are no designated outdoor smoking areas
  • Advising on and providing stop smoking pharmacotherapies, including making these available in hospital
  • Providing support for staff to stop smoking

If you are interested in joining this group, please email

Position Statement from Steve Brown, Director of Public Health, Devon

A position statement on smokefree NHS policy from Steve Brown, the Director of Public Health for Devon and the chair of the Smokefree Devon Alliance, can be found here.

Breathe2025 NICE Guidance PH48 Toolkit

The following toolkit from Breathe2025 contains lots of resources helpful for activities to ensure compliance with NICE Guidance PH48, including resources around communications, pharmacotherapy, training and more: 

About NICE Guidance PH48

Smoking: Acute, Maternity and Mental Health Services

 This guideline includes recommendations on: