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Smoking is the single most entirely preventable cause of ill health, disability and death in the UK. The government has set an ambition for England to be smokefree by 2030, taken to indicate adult prevalence of smoking of 5% or lower. Stopping the start: our new plan to create a smokefree generation (2023) sets out the proposed actions the government will take to protect future generations from the harms of smoking, by creating the first smokefree generation.

About the Programme

  • The Swap to Stop programme aims to provide 1 million smokers across England with vape starter kits by March 2025. This is dependent on the smoker agreeing to receive behavioural support.
  • The Swap to Stop programme acknowledges the variation in stop smoking support models on offer at local levels. The programme has been designed to give localities a wide choice of product types and vape vendors.

Methods of Delivering the Programme

This programme will support local systems to provide a more attractive and effective vape offer to smokers, with three routes of delivering vapes alongside behavioural support:

  1. Direct supply of vape starter kits to local authority stop smoking services (LSSS).
  2. Direct supply to local authority led partnerships.
  3. Digital offer in partnership with NHS England.

Swap 2 Stop Partnership Working- Workshop 17/4/24

Would you like to offer free vape starter kits to users in your service?

This slide deck will give you more information about how the programme is delivered locally in Devon, Plymouth and Torbay.

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