Information about Stop Smoking Services

Smokers are up to four times more likely to quit with pharmacotherapy coupled with behavioural support from Stop Smoking Services (SSS). SSS practitioners operate in variety of locations within Devon including the Specialist Stop Smoking service, GP surgeries, pharmacies and other settings.

All Stop Smoking Services should:

  • Support people to quit smoking and achieve a quit rate outlined within their service specification.
  • Offer the most effective evidence-based treatment available
  • Achieve high levels of client satisfaction
  • Offer a choice of treatment options

Levels of Smoking Cessation Support

There are several levels of smoking cessation support within Devon:

Level 1 =  Very Brief Advice – ASK ADVISE ACT

This level can be carried out by anyone in contact with smokers to encourage them to get support to quit. More information and online training is available here.

Level 2 =  Community Smoking Cessation Advisors

Individuals providing this level of support have undertaken a Stop Smoking Practitioner course. Advisors operate within GP practices, pharmacies, other community settings, and via Stop For Life Devon.
* Local Stop Smoking Services can be found via Pinpoint
* Stop For life Devon, telephone on 0800 122 3866 or by email

Level 3 =  Specialist Stop Smoking Support

Advisors offering this level of support operate within the specialist stop smoking team, Stop For Life Devon. This service work with targeted populations, e.g. pregnant women, mental health service users, unemployed.

If you have queries please contact Public Health on