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Guide: Childrens Centres and Early Year settings are smokefree

Your role

All members of staff have a role in reminding colleagues and the public that the site is smokefree.

  • All staff should ensure that smoking, or vaping, does not take place on the Children’s Centre or Early Years site.
  • Staff should not facilitate smoking e.g. staff should not tell service users where to smoke or take time from their working day to help someone to smoke.
  • Staff should support clients and colleagues who smoke to quit by actively promoting and providing details of the Local Stop Smoking Service . Evidence shows that most smokers would like to quit and the best way to do this is through a local stop smoking service.

What can you do if someone smokes on site?

Often people are simply not aware that their smoking is causing an issue. Watch the short clip below to find out how to approach someone smoking on your premises.