Information for pharmacies

Research shows that smokers are 3 times more likely to quit with the right medical and behavioural  support compared with simply going ‘Cold Turkey’ and trying to quit unaided. It is important for pharmacies in Devon to provide a high quality, accessible stop smoking service for their clients.

Please use this page to find information about smoking cessation support in pharmacy settings including: Stop Smoking Service training, downloads of service specifications, NRT log forms, monitoring forms and guidance.

Stop Smoking Service Training

Pharmacies can access stop smoking service training including:

Please note – at least one stop smoking adviser must attend the Level 2 refresher training annually, to ensure knowledge is up to date and is cascaded to other smoking cessation advisors within the practice.

Useful information for current providers of Stop Smoking Services in pharmacy settings:

Resources which may be helpful for stop smoking service consultations (but not to be returned to Public Health Devon):

Promote your in-house stop smoking service

The availability of advisors to support quitting smoking should be prominently advertised within your pharmacy using posters and resources available from Public Health England.

Pharmacies can also use the latest local and national campaigns  to promote smoking cessation within the local community.

All pharmacies can promote the Devon general healthy lifestyles service

If pharmacies do not have in-house smoking cessation advisors, or are unable to make convenient appointments with patients, they can refer individuals to OneSmallStep for support to quit smoking.

Onesmallstep contact details. Freephone 08002982654. Local rate 01392908139

OneSmallStep is a local service funded by Devon County Council to offer, information, advice and guidance about healthy lifestyles to it’s residents. The free service can be accessed online and by telephone. Through coaching, support is available for people who wish to quit smoking, cut down on alcohol, maintain a healthy weight and be more active.

Pharmacies can signpost people to the OSS service by referring them through the One Small Step website or giving them a self referral contact card. Contact cards can be ordered by emailing

Specialist Stop Smoking Support Service

Devon has a specialist stop smoking service. Advisors within the specialist stop smoking team, part of the OneSmallStep Healthy Lifestyle Service, work with targeted populations, e.g. pregnant women. 

How can my pharmacy get involved in providing a stop smoking service?

To find out more about providing a stop smoking service in your pharmacy, please contact Public Health on